Sep 28, 2017

PANOORIN! Cynthia Villar Hindi Napigil Ang Sobrang Galit Kay Bam Aquino At Risa Hontiveros!


Senator Cynthia Villar during her speech revealed about a plot to destroy the majority coalition of the Senate by to two minority senators.

Villar later identified them to be Senators Bam Aquino and Risa Hontiveros.
Both Aquino and Hontiveros vehemently denied plotting against the Senate majority.

“I just want to make a manifestation. It’s really somebody from social media who told me before long time ago that there are two senators who are going to destroy us,” Villar said during the Senate regular session.

Before the session started, Villar said Aquino and Hontiveros were allegedly “out to destroy the majority.” The senator could not say what the intention was behind the alleged demolition job.

She said this as she lamented about the criticisms thrown at her and six other majority senators for allegedly not signing a resolution urging President Duterte to stop the senseless killings, especially of children and minors.

Villar and the rest of the six senators who did not sign the Senate Resolution No. 516, said the document did not reach their office.

When the issue broke out, Villar said she surmised that “maybe this is the beginning” of the demolition plot.

But later in the session, she said she did not believe the warning she has been receiving against Aquino and Hontiveros.

“I didn’t believe it. It’s just that when I saw that blog, then I started thinking that it was really true and I want to clarify with Senators Bam and Risa they told me really that Senators Bam and Risa are  trying to destroy us,” she said.
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