Sep 13, 2017

Kilalanin Ang Chinese Partner Ni Trillanes Sa Kanyang Mga Bank Accounts!


Senator Antonio Trillanes signing of waivers on his offshore accounts are practically useless said President Rodrigo Duterte.

"Alam mo naman, si Trillanes, he thinks really people are ignorant. Yung lahat yang ano niya, yung joint account niya, may partner siya na Chinese. So even if he signs a waiver, if the co-signer does not, walang mangyayari niyan," Duterte said on Wednesday, after a visit to a slain soldier in Taguig.

Duterte, who first accused Trillanes of maintaining offshore bank accounts on September 9, said the senator has "perfected the art of crime."

"Ang amount niya na pinaikot niya is more - is less than the amount that would raise the red flag," Duterte said.

Duterte admitted he had to use his "contacts" to get information on Trillanes' bank accounts.

"I think if I were not the president i will not be able to get that," he said.

Trillanes denied these allegations, and issued a dozen waivers on September 11, which will allow authorities to probe into the alleged bank accounts.

He earlier said that each of the 12 bank accounts reportedly he has will have its corresponding waiver, allowing the Office of the Ombudsman and the Anti-Money Laundering Council to look into them.

The President, meanwhile, said he will not sign any waiver to dispute Trillanes' accusations.

"If he want(s) to get evidence, do not get it from my mouth. You must be stupid, even if it is true or false. Why would I give you the pleasure? Kung gusto siyang maghanap, 'di maghanap siya," Duterte said.

But this should not be construed as admitting guilt, Duterte said, as he is only invoking a "constitutional right."

"No one is allowed to make any inverse inference for some guy  using his constitutional right. You cannot draw anything. You cannot infer, you cannot draw anything, because it is sacred," Duterte said.
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