Jun 24, 2017

WATCH! Senator Trillanes Says His BBC HARDtalk Interview Was A Success!


Senator Antonio Trillanes answers criticisms on his BBC HARDtalk interview with Stephen Sackur saying that there was nothing wrong about it and that was a great success.

Trillanes also said that he was satisfied that he was given a chance to expound on the real situation in our country, contrary to the "propaganda" peddled by the Duterte trolls.

However, we cannot deny that majority of the reactions is contrary to what the Senator claims the interview to be.

In fact, many describes it to be an "Epic Fail!", Manila Times' Yen Makabenta calls the interview a "24-minute disaster on BBC".

In Makabenta's column he described the Senator saying, "the man who can’t be embarrassed by no matter how many pratfalls. If, as Konrad Adenauer said, “a thick skin is a gift from God,” Trillanes was given two hides."

What do you think about Trillanes' BBC interview? Was it a success? Share your opinions in the comment section below.
Source: Youtube



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