Jun 3, 2017

Pro-Yellow FB Page Slammed After Posting Fake CCTV Footage Of Resorts World Manila!

After the Resorts World Manila Management asked netizens not to share 'misinformation' about the incident last Friday midnight, there were still people who "investigated" and speculated that the government was involved in the Casino attack.

A Pro-Yellow/LP Facebook page "Silent No More" posted a photo of claiming that it was part of a CCTV footage that they got from a certain 'resorts world employee' stating that the government is hiding something from the people.

With a caption, "Dear fellow Filipinos, We got this CCTV grab from a Resorts World employee. It shows more than one gunman. Is there a government coverup? #TanimTerorista #SilentNoMorePH".

Photo: Silent No More, Sass Rogando Sasot

However blogger, Sass Rogando Sasot proved "Silent No More" claims to be wrong and exposed that the CCTV footage that they posted was taken 5 years ago in a armed robbery heist happened in Savanah Casino in Suriname.

Below is the full footage of the Armed Robbery Heist at the Savanah Casino uploaded on Youtube August 24, 2014 from which the screenshot of the photo posted by "Silent No More" came from.

This CCTV footage went viral on Twitter during the Resorts World Manila attack and netizens claimed that the video was ‘leaked’ and it shows that there are two gunmen attacked the resorts.

Some netizens and the Silent No More PH facebook page which uploaded the video decided to delete it after realizing that they shared misinformation.

Meanwhile, Sass Rogando Sasot dared the mainstream media to 'humiliate' the pro Liberal Party fanpage for sharing misinformation like what they did to Mocha Uson who shared a photo of Honduran soldiers praying.

Silent No More also posted an erratum for posting a wrong CCTV footage in their fan page.

Sasot also claimed that mainstream media outfits went on propagating the unverified info that members of Islamic State was the one involved in the Manila Resorts World attack.

But the authorities said that the suspect is not connected with any other terrorist group and they urged everyone to stop sharing the ISIS rumors that might only spread fear.

PNP already handled the real CCTV footage of the RWM attack and they said that the only thing that they saw was the part when the suspect entered the building using the carpark entrance while holding his armalite.



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