Jun 8, 2017

Political Scientist Amir Assadollahi Calls Hontiveros "Imbecile" After Watching Her Interview With Daniel Razon.

Canadian Political Scientist and commentator Amir Assadollahi could not hold his anger at Senator Risa Hontiveros after her controversial interview with Daniel Razon about the Maute Groups attack on Marawi City.

Mr. Amir's latest post about the said interview in his facebook account expressed how disappointed he was with the Senator's answers and her view stating that "the Philippines' national guard's military presence in Mindanao "an invading force" in the Philippines".

Assadollahi, in his post, called Hontiveros an "imbecile" and an "idiot" even added an outro stating, "Amir Assadollahi
Now a very pissed of Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator
(just in case the name confused or clouded the judgment of some readers!)".

Read below the full content of Mr. Amir Assadollahi message:

This Senator has no idea what she is talking about. She calls the Philippines' national guard's military presence in Mindanao "an invading force" in the Philippines as if Mindanao was a different country and was independent from the Philippines.
She either wants to create another Syria or push Philippines into something like the Vietnam War, or divide the country into something like what happened to Korea (now we have North and South and the conflict never ended), or push the Philippines in being divided into pieces by creating a civil war something like what happened to the former Yugoslavia and into mini countries that foriegn nations had hands in creating the hate where it has turned into creating war that is endless now and have invited the foriegn terrorists to the region and into Europe using that as a portal, or maybe she and her friends (people like Trillanes and the rest of the fools) aim to turn the Philippines and the Southeast Asia region into another Iraq and Libya where foriegn forces killed the government leaders and promoted the global terrorism become widen and deepen in the Middle East and spillover into Europe and North America , or give birth to something like Mujahidins of rebels of Afghanistan during the Cold War era (sponsored by CIA to fight the Soviets and the pro-Soviet government of the time in Afghanistan) that after the Cold War they turned into International Terror Group of "Taliban" under the flag of their Al-Qaeda group of foriegn born terror leader "Bin Laden" and his call for inviting the international terrorist volunteers into Afghanistan, and that list goes on and on, and today those terror groups have many names, and one is called ISIS, and the so called rebel groups in Mindanao have pledged alliance to ISIS, and they have a history of kidnaping people, taking people hostages, burning churches and schools, using international fundings as well as drugs and criminal fundings to finance their militant activates! In the the Philippines they do city bombings, storm the jails and free criminals, kill soldiers and police and anyone that confronts them to stop them, and storm the government buildings and break into private properties and threaten citizens under the threat of their knives and guns, etc.
This is not invasion you imbecile, those people who are protecting the national territorial integrity of the Philippines on land and sea are called National Guards/Army/Navy/etc., they are the "National Forces" that their commander and chief is your President and sadly and ironically you just don't like him because you and your party lost the election to him and can't get over that ego shattering loss that overwhelming majority of your countrymen/women voted for him in a democratic election that they voted for him to end the terror, crime, corruption, lawlessness, poverty, injustice, illegal drugs problems that your party has systematically has been creating for over 30 years of your being in power, and your fear of having your crimes and plunders being exposed internationally and going to jail and/or being hung for treason and crimes your party members have committed has made you to stoop so low to call those terrorists as heroes and the Philippines defense forces and police to establish peace and security to save lives and protect the Philippines from being divided into smaller pieces and protect the Philippines from lawlessness and crimes and criminals as "invading forces". What school did she go to? Where is her loyalty to - to the Philippines or to her own political party or to the foriegn masters who want to divide the Philippines?
Idiot! I'd say send her to Iraq and Syria to the war zones and drop her off there with a parachute, and let her feel the devastation of the people in those countries, and let her survive for her life without any help - call that reality show for survival of politician and business people who think war, crime, illegal drugs and lawlessness is a good thing to have, and let them survive without any kind of finances or protection their name, tittle and position gives them.
That senator and those who think like her either are stupid or terror and crime sympathizers or the terror and crime leaders. There is no other explanation for it.
While the Europe and the rest of the world is aiming to unite against terror and crimes, she and her friends openly supports terror and crimes. There is something wrong with that picture, don't you think so?
Amir Assadollahi
Now a very pissed of Canadian Political Scientist / Commentator
(just in case the name confused or clouded the judgment of some readers!)
Below is an excerpt  of Risa Hontiveros' interview with Mr. Daniel Razon posted by blogger For the Motherland - Sass Rogando Sasot.




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