May 8, 2017

MUST WATCH! United Nations Leaders Praises Pres. Duterte Anti-Drug Campaign After Sen. Cayetano Defense 2nd Review!

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano vigorously defended President Rodrigo Duterte's government anti-drug campaign human rights record before a UN body on Monday, stating that the administration always seeks to uphold the rule of law".

Equipped with slide shows and videos showing the clear full comments of the President about the Philippines' fight against illegal drug trafficking.

Cayetano repeated that anti-duterte critics are shaming the Filipino government with "fake news" urging the UN body to see the real news.

The senator pointed in his statements saying, "One: There is no state-sponsored killing in the Philippines. Two: There is no sudden wave of killings. We are asking you through the mechanisms of this honorable council to interview our people, to go to our communities, to visit the Philippines and to see for yourself: The truth, the real numbers."

"At all times, the Duterte government seeks to uphold the rule of law," Cayetano added.

A Chinese delegate expressed praise for the Philippines efforts citing that Sen. Cayetano remarks were very convincing.

In spite on this, Western nations were critical stating concerns about violence against journalists, the prospects of a reinstated death penalty, and extrajudicial killings.

However, Cayetano refuted that critics changed the definition of extrajudicial killings in the Philippines differing from the terms meaning used by under previous governments.

"Suddenly, 'extrajudicial killing' refers to any death outside those causes by natural causes, accidents, or those ordered by courts and we do not have the death penalty, so none are ordered by courts," Cayetano argued.

"Make no mistake.. one death or any death or killing is one too much," the Senator cleared.

Cayetano also added that "However, there is a deliberate attempt to include all homicides as 'EJKs' or killings related to the campaign against criminality and illegal drugs and that these are state-sponsored, which is absolutely not true."



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