May 10, 2017

JUST IN! National ID System Nakapasa Na Sa House Committee Level!

The National ID system, a bill that will consolidate all existing government-initiated identification (ID) systems into one integrated and efficient Filipino ID system has been approved by the House of Representatives panel today, Wednesday, May 10.

The House committee on population and family relations, chaired by Laguna Representative Sol Aragones, unanimously approved a substitute bill to the 18 measures filed by House members.

The proposal seeks to create a national ID system that will streamline, integrate and simplify public and private transactions in the country.

Aragones said the Filipino ID card will contain on its face the imprinted photograph, name, birth date, gender, and corresponding common reference number of the individual.

The Philippine Statistics Authority shall implement and oversee the registration through the Local Civil Registry Office.

The Filipino ID card may be used in all government transactions, including applications for passport, driver’s license, availment of services and benefits offered by insurance institutions, clearances from the courts, prosecutor and the police, and other transactions requiring proof of identification.

The initial application and issuance of the Filipino ID card shall be free of charge as part of the government’s social service responsibility. A replacement fee shall be paid by the cardholder. 

Source: Sunstar, PTV



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