Mar 14, 2017

President Duterte Bistado Na Ang Pinundohan Ng Mga Mining Corporations Para Pabagsakin Siya! MUST WATCH!

President Rodrigo Duterte has revealed that mining corporations are funding the opposition (LP) for the destabilization plot they are wage against his administration.
“Kayong mga mining, I know you are funding the opposite side. I know that some of you are funding the other side to destabilize my administration. If the police and the military will allow it, that’s their problem,” said the President.

Armed with photos of the destructive effects done by mining, President Duterte said, “Look at what mining does to our country. Is Gina Lopez a liar? No… How can you argue with Gina when she’s confronting you with a visual case? What can your P70 billion do with the government? Nothing.”

CitiNickel Mines and Development Corporation and OceanaGold and other mining firms were some of the names mentioned by the President while during his presentation.

With these points, President Duterte expressed that he is considering a total mining ban temporarily.

In a speech in Baguio City on Saturday, Duterte also expressed his full support for Environment Secretary Gina Lopez's policies during his speech in Baguio City saying that the country can live without the billions of profit the mining industry could give.


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