Mar 7, 2017

BREAKING NEWS! Galit Na Nagpost Sa FB Ang Dance Instructor Na Sinabing Pinatay Ni Lascañas!

Dance Instructor of Presidential Sister Jocellyn Duterte-Villarica known as Ruben Borja Baguio posted his statements that easily invalidated the claims of Retired SPO3 Arturo Lascañas that he was killed by the members of Davao Death Squad.
Baguio said in his Facebook post that he was really the dance instructor of Mrs. Duterte-Villarica but he denied any of Lascañas claims of being buried alive in a quarry site in Davao City.

Baguio angrily said that the lies of Lascañas has disturbed his peaceful life because of their claims. He also plead to Lascañas to stop the issue.

“Anong problema nyo??!ayusin nyo yang mga style ninyo!wala na talaga kayo magawa at masabi?pati nanahimik kong buhay inuusisa nyo!” Mr. Baguio wrote.

 “I am ruben borja baguio ,yes,buhay ako!totoong D.i ako ni mam jocellyn duterte anong masama sa trabaho ko??at i want to clarify sa lahat ng makakabasa sa post ko na HINDI TOTOONG PINATAY AKO! Buhay na buhay po ako. Nagtratrabaho ako ng marangal kaya please lang STOP the issue!” He added.

It could be remembered Monday this week that Lascañas backed Matobato’s claims that Mr. Baguio was killed by the alleged members of Davao Death Squad because he allegedly deceived Mrs. Duterte-Villarica that angered the former Mayor of Davao City Rodrigo Duterte.
However, Senator Trillanes firmly believes that Lascañas is still a credible witness despite doubts from the senators during the senate hearing.


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