Mar 6, 2017

BEWARE! 16-Year-Old Na Dalagita Hinalay Ng Nagpakilalang Talent Manager! MUST WATCH!

A man posing as a "talent manager" was arrested on Sunday by authorities after he conned two young girls to send him nude photos promising them a modeling break but instead threatened the girls to expose their information on social media unless they have sex with him.
The man named Aldwin Angelo Cruz, 24, showed police officers the dummy Facebook account he used to chat with the two girls and others he stalked through a public modeling/photo shoot group page.

"First, he would ask them to send him photos wearing sports bras, until little by little he would ask for nude photos. He would offer them as much as P30,000," said Senior Inspector Jun Saballo, chief investigator of Manila Police Station 4.

The suspect would next set a meet up with his prospects. He would then blackmail them into doing sexual favors so he would not release their photos to their parents or school authorities, police said.

Police said Cruz used the scheme on a 16-year-old Grade 10 student. The student said Cruz sexually assaulted her during their first meet up at a hotel in Manila on Friday.

"He threatened to kill her parents if she didn’t give the information he needed. She was traumatized. She gave him what he asked out of fear for her family,” said the girl’s mother.

When Cruz also began threatening her with her home address, she opened it up to her parents. She also learned about the sexual assault to her friend and decided to go to the police.

Source: Juan Duterte, News5

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