Feb 15, 2017

Watch Senator Legarda Lectured Trillanes After Not Understanding Sec. Aguirre's Figurative Statement!

Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre III confirmation of appointment on Wednesday February 15, 2017 as Department of Justice head has resulted in a heated argument between the Senator Loren Legarda and Sen. Antonio Trillanes.
Senator Trillanes was opposed on the said confirmation of Aguirre Commission of Appointments (COA) by because of the statements of the Secretary that “criminals are not humanity”.

Trillanes believes that Aguirre's statement is not acceptable because he was the Department of Justice Secretary who handled cases of criminals.

But Senator Legarda defended the statements of Secretary Aguirre, saying that the DOJ Sec only said that out of frustration but he doesn’t mean that all criminals are not human.

“I do not think that it is a legal statement.. or something that can be contributed.. it was said out of frustration.. it is a figurative statement.. a hyperbolic statement” Legarda told Trillanes.

Legarda assured Trillanes that Secretary Aguirre’s statement would not affect his work as the Department of Justice Secretary.

But Trillanes told Legarda that 8,000 people already died during President Rodrigo Duterte’s term and not a single person was investigated by Department of Justice and he believes that the statement of Aguirre would really affected the investigation of the alleged EJK victims.

He also told Legarda that he’s not debating with her that made Legarda increased her tone and informed her colleague that the majority leader wanted to turn off his microphone, but she refused it.

“No in fact I’m allowing you to speak because the majority leader keeps on badgering my ears to close your microphone” Legarda told Trillanes.

“I just want to focus.. I agree with you Senator Trillanes that the deaths must be investigated.. that is the reason why I want the secretary [to be confirmed].. and I will ask him for all the hard work we’re doing here to please give an impartial, transparent investigation..” Senator Legarda told Trillanes.
Watch the Full Video of these two senators' argument below:


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