Feb 8, 2017

WATCH President Duterte's Reaction On Ex-Columbian President Statement "You're Repeating My Mistakes!"

President Rodrigo Duterte reacts on Ex-Colombian President Cesar Gaviria statement about Duterte's war on drugs, calling him an “idiot”.
Duterte said on his speech at the 115th anniversary of the Bureau of Customs, “Colombia has been lecturing me, that idiot (Gaviria)”.

In an opinion piece published at the New York Times, Gaviria told Duterte that “the drug menace cannot be solved by the “heavy-handed” approach of killing drug addicts.”

He said he was hoping that Duterte would not commit the same mistakes that he did in dealing with Colombia’s drug problem.

Presidential spokesperson Ernesto Abella however expressed that Malacañang respects Gaviria’s opinion.

“We respect the opinion of former President Cesar Gaviria that Colombia’s experience of “war against drugs” cannot be won by the armed forces and law enforcement agencies alone,” said Abella.

“The Philippine President rightly understood the same insight when he began to address not just crime and illegal drugs but also broadened government efforts into a public health issue,” he added.


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