Feb 7, 2017

MUST WATCH! Senate Hearing On Death Penalty Happening Now! Find Out Its Highlights.

The Senate Justice and Human Rights Committee are holding the hearing on the revival of the death penalty today February 7, 2017.

  • Bureau of Corrections: 5,591 in Bilibid sentenced to life imprisonment
  • Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption Legal Counsel Ferdinand Topacio: I cannot believe the poor are underrepresented in court
  • Topacio: Circumstances now permit reimposition of death penalth
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development: Death penalty is cruel, denigrating, inhuman, anti-poor
  • Bureau of Jail Management and Penology supports reimposition of death penalty
  • Philippine National Police - Directorate for Investigation and Detective Management: Death penalty for heinous crimes may not be an all-out solution, but it will be a big first step
  • Sen. Leila de Lima: Death penalty is wrong on legal, moral, ethical, constitutional grounds
  • Sen. Risa Hontiveros: Like extrajudicial killings, death penalty will only kill the poor
  • Hontiveros: Death penalty is anti-poor. It is inefficient and costs more than life imprisonment. It denies due process.

Watch the Full Video Coverage below courtesy of CNN Philippines.


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