Feb 28, 2017

Media Personality Claims Duterte Rose To Power Because They Did Not Take Him Seriously! MUST WATCH!

An interview by international media Al-Jazeera with Rappler editor-at-large Marites Vitug stated that Philippine media did not take President Rodrigo Duterte seriously resulting in his rise to power.
Vitug also talked about the challenges they (media) face in reporting the anti-drug move under the president.

She pointed out that Filipinos "want the drug suspects taken alive, and number two, majority of the respondents fear they may be the next victims of the war on drugs. So, there's a dissonance in the surveys".

"I believe that this economic angle that the police are getting paid for kills is the oil that greases this killing machine... but the challenge really for the media is to look for new ways of presenting this same story." the Rappler editor added.

Vitug also questions Duterte's criticisms to the police for being corrupt saying "What is their state now? Are they demoralised, do they still want to pursue the war on drugs? What real reforms are taking place?"

Duterte was also being compared similar to Trump in how he deals with the media.

Vitug also said that Duterte is discrediting the mainstream media making them less legitimate in public eyes because of their critical views on his war on drugs.

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