Feb 10, 2017

Lawmakers Do Not Want Plunder Included On Death Penalty Bill! Watch This!

The House leaders are planning to make bill for death penalty more acceptable to lawmakers by excluding plunder on it.

Plunder means amassing of ill-gotten wealth worth over P50 million by a public official was move to be delisted.
House justice committee chairman Rey Umali explained although plunder is also a crime, its impact is not directed on individuals.

"Unlike iyong iba, life talaga rape, murder, kidnapping it's a crime against a person. Plunder kasi is also a crime but iyong crime na ito involves money than individuals or persons," he said.

Umali said House leaders only want to retain murder, rape, kidnapping and serious illegal detention, carnapping, and drug-related crimes.

House Bill 4727 lists 21 heinous crimes punishable by death.

Other crimes that may be removed from the proposed death penalty bill are treason, qualified piracy, qualified bribery, parricide, infanticide, robbery with violence against or intimidation of persons, arson, and criminal liability for planting evidence.

"So that it will be more manageable, 'ika nga, kasi marami ang nago-oppose [because many lawmakers are opposing," Umali said on Thursday.

Umali added House leaders are planning to increase the amount of drugs on a person from 10 grams to 50 grams for the crime to be punishable by death. They also want to take out possession of marijuana from the list.


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