Feb 6, 2017

BREAKING NEWS! President Duterte Declared CPP-NPA Terrorist Group! Must Watch!

After terminating the peace talks, President Rodrigo Duterte now considers the CPP-NPA as terrorists and ordered the arrest of jailed leftist leaders who were allowed to join the negotiations.

Duterte said the rebels committed atrocities despite the goodwill gestures displayed by the government.
“Nagmamagandang loob ka na nga, ipapahiya pa ako sa mga sagot ng p***** in*** akala mo kung sino,” said Duterte during his visit to the wake of three soldiers yesterday in Cagayan de Oro City.

“You give them all the leeway and everything… From now on I will consider the CPP-NPA- NDF a terrorist group,” he added.

“I am asking the military and the immigration to be on the lookout. Arrest them again,” he added.

“Do not ever return here or they will land in Muntinlupa,” the President said.

Duterte disclosed that the government had to talk to the judiciary to facilitate the release of rebel leaders who are part of the communist negotiating panel.

“They were released on the condition that they will participate in Oslo talks. The only way to do that is to give them the right to bail. Actually, they are leaders. They’re not qualified but we have to convince the judges,” the President said.

“Despite the objections of the judiciary, nakiusap na lang kami so the talks will succeed because personally, I’m desperately trying to find a way to end this 50 years of war,” he added. “By the way that they behaved, they do not want it and so I will oblige.”

Duterte said the communist leaders are free to seek asylum in the Netherlands if they want to avoid arrest.

“You’re wanted upon your arrival. I will arrest you and place you back in prison. OK? Now if you do not want to go back, you are fugitives, we cancel your passports and inform the international police for an international warrant,” he said.

“Now if you want to seek asylum in the Netherlands. Go ahead. You know the most ignominious thing that can happen to a Filipino is to die in somebody else’s country. You want that for yourself? I’ll give it to you.”

“They can begin their attacks and we are prepared. I will use the assets. We have airplanes, we have jets, I will use all of them. I leave it to the military to do its job, I will not interfere,” the President said.

The government, however, is ready to accept NPA members who will surrender to live peaceful lives.

“I’m offering you peace. Just go down and I’ll find money to place you in settlement and I’ll proceed with the land reform,” Duterte said.

Duterte, who considers himself a leftist, said the NPA members are just bandits and that the Geneva Convention does not apply to them.

The Geneva Conventions are rules that apply only in times of armed conflict and seek to protect people who are not or are no longer taking part in hostilities; these include the sick and wounded of armed forces on the field, wounded, sick and shipwrecked members of armed forces at sea, prisoners of war and civilians.

Duterte said achieving peace with the communists does not seem to be possible within his generation.

On Saturday, Duterte announced that he is scrapping the peace talks with communist rebels and instructed government negotiators to “fold up the tents and come home.”

He made the statement after the government and the communists lifted their respective unilateral ceasefires following a disagreement over the NDF’s demand to free hundreds of people whom it claims to be political prisoners.

The NDF is demanding the release of about 400 prisoners, saying it is in line with the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law signed in 1998.

Duterte has refused to yield to the demand, which he described as tantamount to granting amnesty. The government has so far freed 23 rebel leaders and has allowed some ranking NPA members to join the peace talks.

“We started with 18 and we came up with 23 leaders and now it’s 400. If that’s the case, we might as well surrender,” the President said.

Duterte said the peace talks would remain canceled “unless there is a compelling reason that will benefit the interest of the nation.”

The President lifted the ceasefire after NPA rebels killed three soldiers in Bukidnon and kidnapped two others last week.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella also said the termination of the peace talks was disappointing.

Full video by PTV People's Television:
Talumpati ni Pangulong Rody Duterte sa pagbisita nito sa mga nasawing sundalo ng 4ID sa Camp Evangelista, Cagayan de Oro City


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