Feb 26, 2017

Bilis Ng Karma Kay Jim Paredes Matapos Isiwalat Ni Vivian Velez Ang Madugong Sekreto Ng Kanyang Ina! ALAMIN!

Actress Vivian Velez has a very shocking exposé regarding a group during Martial Law regime where she was saying that Jim Paredes' mother was a member.
In her facebook post Velez stated the following, "Meron hugot kasi... Jim keeps harping about the EJK or the people who died from drugs when his own mother was very much part of the LIGHT A FIRE MOVEMENT along w/ Steve Psinakis".

Steve Psinakis is known for his role in the movement against the Marcos dictatorship. He is Greek-born American who led the San Francisco council of the Ninoy Aquino Movement (NAM). He had close ties with former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., an anti-Marcos opposition leader.

"They were responsible for bombing different establishments here including the old Philippine Plaza where innocent people died. This was where Nonoy Zuñiga lost his leg!," Velez added.

Furthermore, Velez revealed that it was Cory Aquino who pardoned Jim's mother when she got jailed.

"So how can he talk about killing the innocent when his own mother has blood on her hands!," Velez wrote.

"Light-A-Fire Movement" was a group of prominent people who decided that violence was the solution against "abuses" of the Martial Law. They are responsible for many terroristic bombings in Metro Manila in the early 80's. They trained mostly in the United States, with targets here in the Philippines.

Watch the viral video of Jim Paredes' clash with a Pro-Duterte youth below:


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