ATTENTION, PARENTS! You might want to be extra vigilant of your children after a shocking incident in Naga is goes viral all over the internet and social media.
A viral letter from Naga Hope Christian School's are warning everyone especially parents to be wary of a black van which carried men who attempted to kidnap one of their students.

Blog Definitely Filipino said in their article that a man suddenly jumped out of a black van and punched the target student three times to knock him unconscious.

Fortunately, the student was able to regain his senses as he was dragged into the van which reportedly contains a variety of medical apparatuses. 

He then kicked the man nearest to the door and was able to escape. He sustained bruises after the incident but is now safe. However, the suspects are still unidentified until now. The authorities are also still figuring out the modus operandi and the intentions of the suspects. 

Meanwhile, Naga Hope Christian School promised to take extra precautions in their school to better protect the students from further incidents. 
See a copy of the letter below:

BABALA! Naga City School Warns Parents Of A Black Van After A Student Was Almost Kidnapped!

Source: Juan Duterte, Kami

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