Feb 14, 2017

Atty. Rivera Slams Robredo Over Wilkins Bottled Water Credit Grabbing! DO THE JOB BEFORE TAKING CREDIT!

A local businessman posted on social media giving VP Leni Robredo the credit for facilitating the donation of Wilkins bottled water to victims of 6.7 magnitude earthquake in Surigao.

However, Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines in their official statement on their facebook page has never mentioned any cooperation with Robredo or with the office of the Vice-President whatsoever.

But Jake Miranda, the guy named by social media as Leni' worshipper deleted his post just today after it has gone viral and stirred a controversy and dragging the Leni Robredo's name with it.

Atty. Rivera Slams Robredo Over Wilkins Bottled Water Credit Grabbing! DO THE JOB BEFORE TAKING CREDIT!

The Wilkins bottled water credit-grabbing fiasco has incensed Atty. Bruce V. Rivera and give Robredo and whoever started the issue a good tongue lashing.


I do not understand why people take credit for something they have not done. Coca-Cola gave the water as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility. It does not need any politicians directive. And assuming for arguments sake that the OVP did call them, it would still be improper to claim credit.
If you want to make the Vice-President look good, she has to work for it. VP Binay went to two different locations in a day just so he can be seen and be able to help. People accused him of using disasters to make his presence felt but at least, he did the work so he can claim credit. Some people called him "trapo" because he was on the site, gave relief to the victims and claimed credit.
The Vice President should realize that people are not stupid. We can smell a PR stunt from a mile. But a PR stunt without the actual deed is something even I cannot just let go. Trickery, deceit, slanted truths, exaggerated achievements and cover-up have become the hallmarks of your political party. The one you wish to lead. The one you declared shall rise again.
The least you can do now is just be "trapo". If you want to take credit, then do the work. Anything less than that is betrayal of our trust. - Atty. Bruce Rivera


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