VIRAL VIDEO! Watch What Miss Netherlands Was Doing During The Commercial Break Of Miss Universe 2017!

It turns out that there is also another candidate who stood out out among the rest aside from the newly-crowned Miss Universe 2017 Miss France Iris Mittenaere: Miss Netherlands Zoey Ivory, dancing to beat of Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' during the pageant's commercial break.

Ivory was caught on tape by RT Gundran from the audience. Once the video hit the internet, netizens flocked to it in no time.

The coronation of the Miss Universe 2016 pageant was held at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds today, January 30. 

Her dancing spread good vibes to those who've watched the video. In just a few moments, the clip gained 300,000 views and nearly 7,000 shares.

Filipino netizens particularly enjoyed the video and even related it to some of the situations they go through every day. 

Aen Macapagal from Facebook reposted the clip and wrote that Miss Netherlands is like her whenever she tries to 'intercept all the bad luck in life.'

Here, check out Ivory's entertaining dance moves below.



  1. sumasayaw din ata tung camera man!!! ang likot likot!!! hahahahahahaaaa

  2. you can tell that she loves to dance and she's a happy person!!! she should be the Miss Universe as far as I know!!! I will vote for HER!!! :) :)


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