Jan 30, 2017

VIRAL POST! A Post Reaction On Maxine Medina's Q And A Gains Ire By Angry Netizens! Read And Learn Why!

Maxine Medina was reminded by two Miss Universe title holders that she can have an interpreter in the Question and Answer portion of the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world, but the Philippine representative came on her own, without a translator by her side. 

She answered the question "What is the most significant change you've seen in the world for the last ten years?" with a smile: "In the last ten years of being here in the world, is that I saw all the people bringing in one event like this, on Miss Universe. And it's something big to us that we are one, as one nation, we are all together. Thank you." 

Many people were not satisfied with her answer and in fact, found it confusing and vague. Netizen Mhae Bonachita Cabalang said in her Facebook status that Maxine should've stuck with an interpreter instead. "HAYS! ISA KADIN SA TEAM NG PURO ALIS PERO WALANG DATING!" she posted. 

VIRAL POST! A Facebook Post Reaction On Maxine Medina's Q And A Gains Ire By Angry Netizens! Read And Learn Why!

Her status has garnered over 25 thousand likes as of writing but several people disagreed with Mhae's statement. User Lopez Maria commented, " te ikaw nga sumagot non" with a smiling emoji. 

Another user, Ginalyn A. de Leon, said, "Edi sana ikaw sumali hangal ka!!!!ikaw nga kht ganda wala gago ka!!!!mamagaling ka bes ha mas wala kang utak!!!!!baka miski sa bb. Pilipinas hndi ka makapasok ee!!!!!!papansin ka!!!!" 

User Myla Velado added, "Anong pinaglalaban mo? Naging muse kaba sa classroom nyo? HAHAHAHAAHAH" 

What do you think about Mhae's post? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

Source: Juan Duterte



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  2. Looks like Miss.Cabalang has forgotten the word " Karma ". She bashed Maxine , in return, netizens are bashing her. This should serve as a lesson learned for her.
    Pia and Sushmita are my favorite Miss.Universe Queens. I will always remember these two queens as the queens of beauty,poise,good heart and intelligence. Allow me to share Miss.Sushmita Sen's words of wisdom for the Miss. Universe candidates.
    She said, "Be different, which means when you speak, do your own thing.
    Speak in any language you like but make sure there is content in what
    you say. Don't be afraid of being you ".
    That means being fluent in speaking the english language is not important but the content in what we say.
    Maxine made it to top 6 and that should be enough reason to be proud of and two things we should learn from this event.
    First , to love our own language because aside from our physical appearances , our language is our ethnicity.
    Second, let us all be responsible netizens think before we click because hate will NOT make us better than the other but it makes us LESS instead.

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