Filipinos still appreciates on how the Duterte administration are taking the fight against criminality, according to the results of a recent Pulse Asia survey.

The survey showed 84 percent of the 1,200 adult respondents approved of the Duterte administration's fight against criminality while 12 percent were undecided and four percent had disapproved.

Duterte's anti-crime drive has been centered on his war against illegal drugs, which is being linked to the deaths of over 6,000 suspects, either in police operations or summarily killed by suspected vigilantes and drug gang members.

The results were based on the Nationwide Survey on National Administration Performance Ratings conducted from December 6 to 11, 2016. The results were released Friday.

The same survey also showed that the Duterte government scored majority approval ratings in 11 out of 12 issues.

It is only on the issue of controlling inflation where the administration failed to get a majority approval, scoring only 44 percent.

The administration’s approval ratings in national issues are as follows:

  • Fighting criminality - 84 percent
  • Responding to the needs of areas affected by calamities - 80 percent
  • Fighting graft and corruption in government - 76 percent
  • Protecting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers - 75 percent
  • Increasing peace in the country - 72 percent
  • Stopping the destruction and abuse of our environment - 69 percent
  • Enforcing the law on all, whether influential or ordinary people - 69 percent
  • Defending the integrity of Philippine territory against foreigners - 65 percent
  • Creating more jobs - 58 percent
  • Improving/Increasing the pay of workers - 57 percent
  • Reducing the poverty of many Filipinos - 51 percent
  • Controlling inflation - 44 percent

Pulse Asia Survey! Duterte Admin's Fight Against Criminality Still Scores High Approval Rating Among Filipinos At 84%

The survey has a ± three percent error margin at the 95 percent confidence level.


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