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Proud Filipino! President Duterte Hailed As "Big Winner In Asia In 2016" By CNN. Watch This!

President Rodrigo Duterte was tag as "big winner" in an article by CNN  that appeared online in late December.

The article talks about the winners and losers in Asia which was also even carried by Japan's English language publication The Japan Times said Presidential spokesman Secretary Ernesto Abella.
"It’s heartening to know that certain media agencies are able to notice the good things the President is doing," said Abella.

He was referring to the piece written by experts Curtis S. Chin, a former United States ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, and Jose B. Collazo, a chief representative of a corporate advisory firm.

"CNN had named President Duterte as the big winner in Asia in 2016 and we quote: 'For now, the Philippine leader’s unconventional moves seem a harbinger of things to come. This is no pivot to China, but a disruption of the old normal. Rodrigo Duterte ended 2016 seeking to rebalance his nation's ties, improve the life of the average Filipino and make the Philippines—a one-time economic and trade powerhouse—great again,'" Abella added.

The CNN article qouted Duterte for "rethinking and reshaping state affairs—for good or for bad—at home and abroad."
"Since taking office on June 30, the former mayor of Davao City -- dubbed by some commentators as the Philippines' own Donald Trump -- has launched an unsparing, and bloody, war on crime and drugs that has brought mounting human rights criticism and concerns over extrajudicial killings," the article said.

"The tough-talking leader also has declared a 'separation' from the United States, his country's long-term ally, and moved to put aside territorial disputes in favor of business deals with China -- this, despite an international tribunal ruling in the Philippines' favor in July over territories in the South China Sea," it added.

Abella earlier this week also adverted to a Hong Kong-based magazine "Yazhou Zhoukan" that named Duterte its "Person of the Year" in 2016 due to his push for an independent foreign policy.

Yazhou Zhoukan's article  praised Duterte’s program of good governance and anti-corruption campaign, which it said was the reason why he his popularity among the Filipinos.

Source: Juan Duterte, PTV

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