Jan 12, 2017

LIVE! Joint Press Statement Between President Duterte And Prime Minister Abe! Must Watch!

Watch the LIVE coverage of PTV Peoples Television as Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe meets with Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.
HIGHLIGHTS below by News 5 Everywhere:

  •  Pres. Duterte: PM Abe and I discussed the ways for further strengthening bilateral ties and enhancing our maritime and security cooperation.
  •  Pres. Duterte: Capacity building and assets acquisition and upgrading will be a centerpiece in this collaboration. We hope to fast track the acquisition of assets.
  •  Pres. Duterte: Peace and development in the Southern Philippines continue to be a priority in both countries.
  •  Pres. Duterte: Japan is a proven partner for peace. It will continue to be one. We are grateful.
  •  Japan PM Abe: I'm very happy to meet with Pres. Duterte. I'm very honored to be the first guest he received.
  •  Japan PM Abe: I chose the Philippines as the first overseas visit of the year, emphasizing my relationship with Duterte and the Philippines.
  •  Japan PM Abe: We will leverage Japanese tech to the fullest extent for the improvement of infra in Metro Manila and the Philippines.
  •  Japan PM Abe: We will continue to provide support for the peace and development in Mindanao including flood control in Davao.
  •  Japan PM Abe: We will tap private knowledge in treatment facilities to curb illegal drugs.
  •  Japan PM Abe: I shall visit Pres. Duterte's hometown in Davao tomorrow as the first foreign guest to do so.

Source: Juan Duterte, PTV


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