Jan 9, 2017

Hearthwarming Message Of President Duterte To Devotees Of "Traslacion Ng Itim Na Nazareno". Must Watch!

President Rodrigo Duterte joins the Filipino people in the celebration of "Pista ng Poong Nazareno" with a very touching ang heartwarming message.
In his message, the President praised the deep show of faith that millions of Black Nazarene devotees as they gave thanks, petition and sacrifices.

According to the President Duterte, the faith and tireless devout prayers they showed is like an intense campaign against injustice, lies, abuse of powers and corruption.

"My administration has deep empathy for the core of faith that pushes the masses of Filipinos to resort to sacrifice every single day, while still finding a piece of themselves to honor God - whose image we recognize in the man of Nazarene, who carried his cross to redeem the rest of humankind. In His tears, we see our sorrow; and in His agony, we find our solace and strength to triumph against the most insurmountable odds," the President said.

"Through our fervent prayers for the country, let us join the Catholic faithful in the passionate observance of the Feast of the Black Nazarene." he added.

Watch President Duterte's message below:


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