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Edu Manzano Shows Solid Support On Duterte Admin: "Ako Po Ay Naniniwala Na He's Heading On The Right Direction."

Despite the loss of host-actor Edu Manzano during the last senatorial election, he voiced out his full support for the current administration even commending them for "heading the right direction."
According to GMA News Online, the actor praised President Rodrigo Duterte on his advocacy for change and expressed his admiration for the President's "guts, character, determination and will."

"Ako po ay naniniwala na he's heading on the right direction. Ang tagal na nating nangangailangan ng someone who has the guts, who actually looks at the social ails that plague our country. Somebody with the character, determination, and the will," he said.

Although Manzano also emphasized that he is not focusing on the person but rather the change he brings.
"I'm a supporter of change. And it doesn't matter who does it. If someone is sincere and is willing to fray the nerves of individuals if only to effect change and make this a better country for all Filipinos, I will always support them."

"I feel it's also our obligation to serve in whatever capacity. If we feel that we can do something to make lives better for Filipinos, we should. There's no one formula. Hindi mo kailangan maging mayaman to be in public service. Everybody has just as much right as anybody else to effect change," he added.

Source: Juan Duterte, GMA

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