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Watch Now! President Duterte Received Cheers And Support From Thousands Of Filipinos In Singapore!

An estimated 7,000 Filipinos have gathered in Singapore on Friday to cheer and show their support to President Rodrigo Duterte.

Duterte retained a "very good" opinion-poll rating after six months in office, with a net satisfaction rating of 63 percent, a Philippine polling agency reported this week.
Here are the comments given by some member of the Filipino community in Singapore.

"Most people love Duterte, I didn't ask them because they wouldn't have let me. I'm very lucky because my employers are on holiday," said 43-year-old maid Arnelya, who declined to give her full name because her employers did not know she went out.

Arnelya shrugged off international criticism of Duterte, saying restoring order was "good for foreigners also."

Other supporters held up clenched fists and banners reading "You are not alone on your war against drugs, Mr. President" and "Duterte - Making Philippines glorious again."

"I admire the war on drugs," said 31-year-old architect Rene Tahun.

"He's fighting for us, for peace, order and safety. He must be tough. If not, crime will still go on."

Duterte has promised the country's millions of overseas workers to boost the economy and fight drugs and corruption, so they can come home to a better life.

Across town, in central Singapore, Lilian Taguinod, 34, was disappointed she could not go to see her president.

"I love Duterte," said Taguinod, holding her employer's nine-month-old daughter.

"I want to see him, but I can't go because I cannot take the day off. It is impossible for anyone else to take care of her. She's like my fourth daughter."

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