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De Lima Stayed In A $680/Night Hotel When She Accepted Her Award From Foreign Policy Magazine! Ang Yaman!

Actress Vivian Velez has revealed in a Facebook post that Senator Leila Lima stayed at the grand Premier Room which amounts to $680.00(per today's exchange rate that is 33,854 pesos) a night.

"That is kinda stiff if you ask me, even for a senator making 90,000 pesos a month." said Velez in her post.

A source tipped Velez that the Senator was staying at the Four Seasons Hotel in Washington D.C..

When the actress upon learning immediately tried to call the room which De Lima is at but was told that she has already checked out.

Velez has commented that a premium hotel room is quite costly even for someone who earns 90,000 pesos as Senator.

Some even stated/speculated that perhaps the Senator was sponsored by millionaire Loida Nicholas-Lewis.

Here is what a Grand Premier Room of Washington DC's Four Seasons Hotel looks like.

GRAND PREMIER ROOM Accomodation photos from www.fourseasons.com website.

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