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Parent Of A St. Scholastica Student Cries Child Abuse After Daughter Forced To Join Anti-Marcos Burial Rally? Must Read!

Photos of St. Scholastica grade school students has gone viral on the internet.

Netizens saw the students joined the Anti-Marcos rally on the same day when the former President Ferdinand Marcos buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani on Friday.

But according to a complainant who messaged Mocha Uson, the school management of St. Scholastica allegedly forced her daughter to join the anti-marcos rally.
The complaint was posted by Mocha Uson on her Facebook fanpage, she refused to name the complainant.

The complainant claimed that her child was required to join the anti-marcos rally and he/she believed that her child was exploited.

“Ma’am mocha, I just heard from my daughter that the school required them to join a rally protesting marcos burial.. my daughter is only 10 years old in st scholastica.. this has got to stop.. this is child abuse.” the complainant told Mocha.

The parent of the student was disappointed because they allegedly dragged the ten year old child in the anti-marcos protest even her child didn’t knew anything about it.

The complainant also showed a blank paper and said that the school management wants them to sign it as a proof that they gave permission to their child to allow them to join the Anti-Marcos Rally.

“They want us to sign a blank paper.. my daughter said thay where asked to right down the name of activity “protest against marcos burial or marcos no her seriously! they are dragging 10 yr olds.. this is absolutely child abuse” The complainant added.

Mocha Uson didn’t know if the complainant was telling the truth, she’s also confused how the parents of the young students allowed them to join the Anti-Marcos protest.
One of the administrators of SSC Manila messaged Mocha Uson and explained the side of the school.

According to Mr. JM Lim, St. Scho asked the parents of the students for permission to join the noise barrage and some of them didn’t join because their parents and the students themselves felt that they should not join.

They explained that they didn’t forced the students to join the anti-marcos protest and the students who didn’t joined stayed in their classrooms during the noise barrage.

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