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Did De Lima Just Threatened Kerwin And Jaybee's Life Through Her "Advice"? Read And Learn More!

Senator Leila De Lima gave a highly controversial statement through an article posted by Philippine Daily Inquirer on November 20, 2016.

De Lima gave an advice to Kerwin Espinosa which sparked a round of controversy on facebook regarding the senator.
This is my advice to Kerwin. Don’t ever think that your ‘cooperation’ will spare you your life. Sooner or later this government is going to make sure you end up like your father. I make the same prediction for Jaybee Sebastian.

In anticipation of Kerwin Espinosa's cooperation with the government, the senator said that it won't be unlikely that the younger Espinosa will implicate her just like the previous witnesses brought before the senate to destroy her.

I would not like to preempt what Kerwin will testify on, but I will also not deny that given everything that the government has thrown at me, it won’t be far-fetched that he will just be another of the witnesses to be brought against me in their effort to destroy me.

Did Leila de Lima just threaten Kerwin Espinosa's life with these 'advice'? What do you think? Give us your comment regarding this issu below.

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  1. No one wanted to destroy you, but what you did I was just like self infliction, in other words you destroy yourself.


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