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Singaporean Ambassador Expresses Supports To Duterte "I Think It's The Philippines' Time"

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte has hit international headlines again when he cited the world famous dictator Adolf Hitler. Like Hitler's massacre of the Jews, Duterte stated that he is also willing to murder 3 million drug lords. Despite many controversies he had been facing in his first 100 days in the office, many leaders have also expressed their support for him. For one, Singaporean Ambassador Kok Li Peng has stated his admiration for Duterte's Agenda for the country last Friday, September 30. He said, he believes that Duterte can make the country prosper. 
"I think it's the Philippines' time. Every country has a time..This is it."she said.

She also expressed her praises for Duterte's 10-point agenda which was also lauded by some other leaders. 

"I think you president has many challenges to face and deal with But what's striking is that he's got a very comprehensive agenda and his ensemble is very experiences and very capable."

"In our bilateral relations, I think this is an exciting time in terms of the Philippine Economy. Your economic growth is amazing and it has steadied for the last couple of years. So anything that boosts that further is going to draw a lot of attention."

"He's going to do it."Kok ended. 
Singaporean Ambassador Expresses Supports To Duterte

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