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Must Watch! De Lima Disrespects Dick Gordon, Walks Out Of Senate Hearing!

Senator Leila De Lima does it again! Walking out in the middle of the Senate Investigation on the alleged extrajudicial killings.

The discussion was heated after the main witness, Edgar Matobato left the Senate without permission of Chairperson Senator Richard Goron.

Senators complained why Matobato left the Senate without the knowledge by everyone.

Gordon said that De Lima failed to disclose in the past hearings that she had information about the kidnapping case filed against Matobato.

“It pains me to be accused of material concealment,” said De Lima. “I am walking out, I’m sorry.” De Lima said.

After De Lima left the Senate, the chairperson said that he believes that walking out like what De Lima did is an act of cowardice.

To walkout on a committee is cowardice” Sen. Gordon said.

Meanwhile, Sen. Manny Pacquiao and Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano asked Gordon to terminate the investigation because they believe that they are just wasting time.

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  1. Kung sino man ang mag-walkout sa hearing na kahit anong klase na kaso ay dapat arestohin at i-hold sa senate hall at palabasin lang pagkatapos nang hearing. At dapat kasuhan. . .


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