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Check It Out! Duterte's Promised 911 Ambulance Finally Shown To Public. Must Watch!

The 911 Ambulance as promised by President Rodrigo Duterte was finally shown to the public in a video posted by 911 Philippines
The rescue ambulance has a 15 bed capacity and all the services offered by this ambulance are free.

Netizens praised President Duterte for this contribution to our country. Here are some of the netizens reaction:

Globerry Gosling said, "marami nang nababago ang mahal nating presidente..."

Lene F. Guyomard, "Galing talaga ng pangulo natin... naku bantayan ko yan kung ipapalabas s tv. Mukhang hindi sila interested s mga nagagawa ng presidente eh... nakatutok lng s bad news."

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