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Watch Viral Video As Manny Pacquiao Interrogates Matobato Then Praised By Netizens For Being Brilliant

Watch the video uploaded by Thinking Pinoy as Senator Manny Pacquiao Interrogates Witness Edgar Matobato at the EJK Hearing on September 22, 2016.

The video went immediately went viral where many of netizens lauded the Senator on how brilliant he handled the questions.

Here are some of the comments by the netizens that watched the video:

I never voted for this guy due to prejudice. Ta**i**, I was wrong and I'm pretty sure he had proven everybody wrong. I owe Sen. Pacquiao a rightful apology - not because he is pro- or anti-Duterte - but because he is being true to his mandate! - Calvin Flores
 Go Pacman Hindi na sayang Ng boto Ko Sayo dHil alam Ko May silbi Ka Keysa Sa Mga Matandang Senator Na nAmumuti Na Ang buhok walang nagawA👊 - Pia Lou
Oh my.... Pacman talks simple but with full of sense. He's so brilliant here! - Datu Maumpid 

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