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Video Of Philippine Ports Authority Employee Receiving Bribe Money From Broker Goes Viral. Must Watch!

Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) employee was caught on camera at the Port of Manila (POM) Building, supposedly committing a questionable act through the Bureau of Customs' (BOC) newly installed closed circuit television cameras.
Captured on Monday morning, the video clip shows the said PPA employee at Window 1 of Room 104 of the POM building receiving money from importers and brokers without any receipts.

According to the bureau, the importers and brokers were transacting and processing papers and securing gate passes at the window.

Asian Terminals Inc. (ATI) is renting Room 104, the BOC noted.

"An initial report from the investigation team reveals that the employee is an ATI employee. Confusion arose since the room on the CCTV footage was being leased to ATI. However, the latest investigation report clarifies that the employee is from PPA," it said.

In a separate statement, Asian Terminals said the individual was not its employee and that Window 1 of Room 104 was not an ATI office.

"Furthermore, fees and charges collected at the aforementioned office, if any, do not go under the remit of ATI," the company said.

The video clip also shows the said employee was trying to conceal her actions from the camera mounted above her, signifying her knowledge of the existence of the camera, according to BOC.

Customs Commissioner Nicanor Faeldon is optimistic that the existence of CCTV cameras will promote transparency in the bureau and will boost honesty among employees, the BOC said.
Watch the Video Below:

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