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Surrender NOW! PNP Chief Dela Rosa To Celebrities Involved In Illegal Drugs

The Philippine National Police (PNP) Chief Director Ronald 'Bato' Dela Rosa is not convinced with the appeal of the actor Robin Padilla as he pleads President Rodrigo Duterte not to reveal the names of the artists who are using illegal drugs. 
According to PNP Chief Dela Rosa, if they will not be named, the war against drugs will not be fair to all. The Duterte administration follows strict rules when it comes to their campaign against illegal drugs. 

Dela Rosa further explained that the PNP will appear as if they are choosing names when it comes to revealing who is involved or not. 

The government holds a list of the artists who are involved and uses drugs. He is encouraging them to surrender themselves now to the authorities. 

Dela Rosa also made a revelation that there are some artists who are calling him now saying that they will undergo drug test to prove that they are innocent. 

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