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Robin Padilla's Message On Davao Night Market Bombing Tragedy. Must Watch!

The actor Robin Padilla is now calling for unity among Filipinos after what happened in the night market of Davao City which took away the lives of 14 innocent people and left more than 60 injured. 
"Para sa akin ay attack iyan sa bawat puso ng Pilipino na naniniwala na puwede talaga tayong magbago," Robin said. 

It is not a secret that robin is a fervent supporter of Duterte eversince his campaign period. The war of Duterte against drugs, crime and corruption gave him a high record of approval from the Filipinos. 

Padilla said that he is ready and willing to cooperate with the plans of the government. 

After the attack in Davao, many local celebrities expressed their sorrow and prayers over the tragic incident. They rallied for those who are in Davao City who were ordered to stay inside their homes while their city is in lockdown. 


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