After the Russian national Eme Raid who lauded President Duterte for 'smartness and courage' and for making headlines with his feud against Obama, another foreigner showed admiration for Duterte's tirade against America.
Mr. Waleed Shoukry expressed his admiration for Duterte in a video which went extremely viral. He said that he is proud and happy of Duterte's reply to the US's inquiry on his war on drugs. He also mocked US' claims to be the leader of democracy and human while failing to address discrimination and racism in their own land. He also called out the presence of a 'double-standard' in the US.

He also approved of Duterte's statement on being accountable only to the Filipinos as they are the ones who elected him. He said that he doesn't have to answer to anyone especially to Obama.

He also said that Obama should mind his own business. He ended the video wishing Duterte success and asking him to keep up the good work.
Watch the full video below:

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