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Must Watch! Senate Hearing On Extra-Judicial Killings September 22, 2016 [Replay]

EJK Witness Edgar Matobato has returned to the stand on Thursday, week after he first testified at the ongoing Senate probe on the alleged spate of extrajudicial killings in the country.
Matobato appeared without a counsel when he appeared at the continuation of the hearing of the Senate committees on justice and human rights, and public order.

He also refused to avail of a lawyer when Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the justice committee, asked if he needs one.

“I was informed that ayaw mo raw magkaroon ng abogado (you don’t want to avail of a lawyer)? Tama ba yun (Is that right)?” Gordon asked to which the witness answered “yes.”

“In other words, nagpunta ka dito sa sariling kusa at tinatanong kita kailangan mo ba ng abogado (you went here voluntarily and I’m asking you if you need a lawyer)?” the senator asked again.

But Senator Panfilo Lacson inquired whether or not it was the committee’s responsibility to provide its witness a lawyer.

Gordon suspended the hearing for a few minutes and when it resumed, the committee named a lawyer from the Senate legal service, who would assist Matobato.

Watch the video by News 5 Everywhere of the Senate Hearing On EJK September 22, 2016 below:

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