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Must Watch! Leila De Lima Denies Millions Worth Of "Drug Money Accounts"

Senator Leila De Lima has denied owning millions of pesos worth of bank accounts which she allegedly got from illegal drug trade. In a video report by CNN Philippines on their facebook page stating that former staff members of the senator revealed to the NBI that they were ordered by De Lima to create bank accounts for her drug trade earned money.

De Lima in her media interviews says that such reports about these alleged account were only meant to discredit her as she leads the drug-related killings investigation.

The controversial senator laughed at the said reports calling it a "psywar" saying it is to sway her in the current investigation that she leading.

In the report, it was stated that two of De Lima's former staff members revealed before the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) claiming that the former Justice Secretary ordered them to open banks accounts for her illegal drug trade money.

Watch the video report by CNN Philippines on their facebook page below.

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