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Must Watch! The Country's Police And Military Are Capable Doing The Investigation Correctly - President Duterte

With the tragedy that happened in Davao City Night Market, many country gave their condolences to the victims of Davao bombing incident especially the US and Australia.
These said countries has also expressed their desire to help with the investigation.

In spite of these, President Rodrigo Duterte has declined the help from foreign investigators stating that our country's police and military are enough.

"No, I do not want any foreign investigators in my city. The police of the Repulic of the Philippines and the military armed forces of the country are capable of doing the investigation and doing it correctly." Duterte said in an interview.

Watch the full video of President Rodrigo Duterte statement posted by News5 Everywhere in their facebook page below.

What can you say about the decision of President Duterte to refused the help of other countries in the investigation of the Davao Night Market Bombing?

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