After the tragic Davao bombing that occured last September 2, Friday, the country is in sheer terror, fearing what's to come next. Many threats have been transpiring and whether or not those threats are empty, the outcomes are the same, fear. 
The country is in a fuss after the great city's tragic fall and the nation seems to be in panic. However, amidst the fear, Davaoenos themselves show the nation that no fall is too great for them as they stand up, rise and call the nation to unite against diversity and focus on rising above the tragedy.

These Davaoenos shows everyone what resiliency means as despite the fear, they personally showed their support for the courageous soldiers through the simple gesture of giving out bottled waters.

"THANK YOU. A simple gesture to thank those who courageously protect and serve us everyday. Instead of bashing and responding to hate messages, let us all unite and show the world that Davao City can unite as one and overcome this tragedy. You can hurt our city, but you can never take the Davaoeño within us!" Davaoeno Ernest Marco Damaso shared.

The act was small but the very thought behind the deed is what lifted the people up and showed everone how a small gesture of kindness and support goes a long way.

They could have hid in their homes, mourn for their loss, or even flee from the city who is now at the receiving end of all the threats and the nation would understand, but they did otherwise, they stood up as one and personified strength.

Instead Of Being Afraid Of Terrorism A Woman Shows Her Support By Giving Out Bottled Waters To Soldiers. Inspiring!

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