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Check Out Palace New Anti-Drug Campaign TV Ads By Brillante Mendoza. Must Watch

The Presidential Communications Office (PCO) has released on its facebook page their new anti-drug campaign video advertisements made by award-winning film director Brillante Mendoza.

The said TV ads shows the effects of drug abuse focusing on how it ruins family ties.

Just like his critically acclaimed films, Mendoza's anti-drug ads depicted a hopeless world for drug users and pushers.

But this time, the video reminded the public that it is never too late to be a "partner for change," the Duterte administration's catchphrase in encouraging Filipinos to help the government.

The videos revolve around a negligent father who is a drug addict and a hardworking overseas Filipino worker mother whose son is a drug user.

Watch the two videos below with a message "Be a #PartnerForChange against drugs".


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