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Anti-Duterte’s Takes Advantage Of The Davao Bombing Tragedy To Criticize The President

In the midst of the tragic bombing incident that happened in Davao City night market, many expressed their sympathies for the families affected in the explosion but sad to say there are also some who took advantage of it.
While many showed despair and agony, anti-Duterte detractors and people who oppose the president's administration greeted the incident with joy and satisfaction that triggered rage and anger in the eyes of many people.

A Facebook group named Tanggulang Demokrasya blasted President Duterte for the explosion in Davao City, saying that the incident is plotted by the current administration in order to wage martial law in Mindanao.

Duterte's supporters immediately defended his administration, saying that now is not the time for pointing fingers and criticizing because many were devastated in the explosion.

Department of Tourism Undersecretary Kat De Castro denounced the shallow minds of imbecile individuals for thinking that the incident was staged.

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