In a viral Facebook post of Thinking Pinoy page, an exclusive video from ABS-CBN shows how their crew filmed the entire street fight of two (2) men.
According to the video caption,

So ABS-CBN News' crew filmed the entire street fight, the crew saw the stabbing, the crew saw the taller guy fall down, and even filmed that taller guy as he died from the wounds. Didn't it occur to them that they should call an ambulance or better yet, bring the man to a hospital themselves? Is filming an "exclusive" more important than a man's life?

Is this what ABS-CBN means with its slogan, "In the Service of the Filipino"?

Thinking Pinoy also said in the comment that ABS-CBN News owes the public a pretty darn good explanation.

Many netizens reacted on this Facebook post where some said,

and they didn't even call 911???? what kind of moral fibers do these people have? Just for the sake of a "scoop"? talagang nakaka-put*ng ina 'tong ABS-CBN na to ha?
And they are proud to label it "exclusive!" Dafaq! Those people are evil! Asan na ang KBP? maingay lang cla pag may namamatay na journalist at umaatake sa hanay nila. Sarap murahin minu-minuto ang mga hangal.
Irresponsible heartless mediamen! Nakakakulo ng dugo talaga! Since this morning ko pa nakita yan. Sana na lang may ginawa sila to stop the fight and death from happening. Kung ganun hero sana sila sa news na exclusive pa nila but NO they prefer ung gorry at negative news. Asan ang puso at kaluluwa nitong mga mediamen?
Here's the full video of ABS-CBN's report, please watch.

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