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Narco-Politicians, Policemen And Judges Drug Protectors Finally Named By President Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte has finally revealed the list of the government officials, policemen and judge who are being accused of being involved in the drugs in the Philippines. They are said to be the protectors of the big druglords in the country. 
During his visit on the Naval Forces Eastern Mindanao (NFEM) Multi-Purpose Covered Court, he expressed his disappointment over the said politicians and judges who are using their positions to protect the illegal drug trade in the country. 

Duterte also pointed out that the military as well as the policemen who are guarding the officials are ordered to report to their mother unit or else they shall be dismissed from their positions. 

Meanwhile, the executive officials that were named are requested to directly report to him. 

He made a clarification that no personal anger is involved with the mentioning of the names of the politicians. He is just doing his job as the president of the country. 

Some of the people involved in the list were even his friends and political allies. 

Source: Facebook

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