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Must Watch! President Duterte Speech On 128 Repatriated OFW's From Saudi Arabia

President Rodrigo Duterte gave a speech welcoming the 128 repatriated OFW's from Saudi Arabia to the country.

Also in his speech, the President addressed the issues in the processing of documents in many government agencies and also updates in the peace process and his anti-drug campaign.

Duterte also said in his speech that he will not be a dictator like what some people are implying.

"Welcome to your country at ah tulongan ninyo ako, wala akong balak na maging diktador." Duterte said.

"I am just doing my duty or else I will compromise, makokompromiso ang next generation natin." Duterte added.

The President also answered questions given by the media mostly about the war in Sulu.

Watch the full video that went live on News5 Everywhere facebook page just a while ago, August 31, 2016:

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