Filipina In Kuwait Accused Of Pledging Allegiance To Islamic State Arrested

DUBAI - Kuwaiti authorities have captured a Filipina accused for pledging loyalty to Islamic State and wanting to dispatch an assault in the Gulf Arab state, the official news agency KUNA wrote about on Friday.

The said Filipina, born in 1984, entered Kuwait in June as a housemaid and has been in contact with Islamic State's associate in Libya, the interior ministry said in an announcement distributed by KUNA.

Security forces observed one of the email accounts said to be run by the woman and discovered messages in which she had reached the Libyan activist group and had been utilizing ""fake name and nickname to evade monitoring," the ministry said.

"The accused confessed ... that she was ready to carry out any terrorist attack once circumstances and means were available to target a specific section of the society in order to undermine security and stability in Kuwait, as well as ignite sedition" KUNA said.

The news agency likewise distributed photos of a veiled, middle-aged women, wearing an abaya, the traditionally all-black, encompassing outfit that perceptive Muslim ladies wear out in the open in the Gulf, recognizing her as the charged.

Source: GMA News, Reuters

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