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Woman Killed in Public After Refusing To Give Bag To Holdaper Goes Viral

A Facebook post by Jheyzee Dela Cruz have gone viral after he posted photos of a dead woman lying inside a public vehicle. She was killed after refusing to give her bag to a holdaper. 
According to Jheyzee, the holdaper was a known drug user in Sta. Ana Manila. The holdaper was demanding for the woman to give her bag, but the victim refused to and thus compelling the holdaper to kill her. 

Jhayzee was extremely angry in his post and insinuated that the Duterte's administration is right to go after these drug lords to eliminate such crimes. 

Quoting from his post, he said: 

The incident is yet to be investigated.


  1. I believe the word you're looking for is "robber"... even "thief" would suffice. There is no such word as "holdaper."


    1. robber, thief, holdaper, nangorek pa ka.. .... check mo n din spelling ko... sama mo pa ang kuko nung babaeng namatay, baka d tama pagkahawak nya sa bag niya... get the point..


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