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How Much Was Ex-General Garbo 2015 SALN? Must Read!

How Much Was Ex-General Garbo 2015 SALN? Must Read!

Of the five Generals that President Rodrigo Duterte named to be connected to illegal drugs, ex-Deputy Director General Marcelo Garbo Jr. has the second biggest total assets taking into account their most recent accessible Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

Garbo announced P44.67 million total assets in his 2015 SALN, this was his last declaration before retiring March this year.
The biggest piece of his P53.68 million in total assets originated from different private real property, this includes an exclusive village residence, lots, and condo units inside and outside Metro Manila.

He announced more than P15 million-worth of "reserve funds."

Garbo also has pronounced liabilities worth P9.01 million. These incorporate house and car loans.

Of Garbo's declared properties, the one with the most astounding value is a house and parcel worth P15 million inside an exclusive village south of Metro Manila.
Below are more researched data by GMA News on Marcelo Garbo  SALN.

Source: GMA News

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